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ARREIT to Lease Wisma Amanah Raya to HELP for 25 Years
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AmanahRaya REIT is externally managed by the Manager. All Directors and employees of the Manager are remunerated by the Manager and not by AmanahRaya REIT. The Manager’s primary role is to ensure good and sustainable return to the unitholders by managing the properties under its portfolio in accordance with the Trust Deed dated 10 October 2006 (as supplemented by the Supplemental Trust Deed dated 4 January 2007 and the Second Supplemental Trust Deed dated 27 August 2009) (collectively be referred to as “AmanahRaya REIT’s Deed”).

Other main functions of the Manager are as follows:

  • development of business plans as well as strategic and investment policies for AmanahRaya REIT;
  • providing recommendations on the acquisition, divestment and/or enhancement of AmanahRaya REIT’s assets to the Trustee;
  • monitoring compliance to all applicable legislations, rules and guidelines as well as AmanahRaya REIT’s Deed;
  • ensuring appropriate record keeping;
  • formulating proper risk management policies;
  • supervising and overseeing the appointed Property Managers on the management of AmanahRaya REIT’s properties; and
  • formulating plans for equity and debt financing for AmanahRaya REIT’s capital requirements as well as managing its finances
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